3 Reasons Why Busy Parents Need a Portable Warmer


3 Reasons Why Busy Parents Need a Portable Warmer bisbeebaby.com

At BisbeeBaby, we understand the challenges that come with being a parent. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to design smart products that make it easier for parents to tackle daily parenting tasks. 


Our premiere breast milk and formula warmer was designed to help parents tackle feeding time with ease. With its battery powered design, our portable warmer offers convenience and accessibility, so you can feed your baby, no matter where life takes you.  



When you’re on-the-go, feeding your baby can be difficult. You may not always have access to a kitchen or the appliances you need to heat your baby’s food. With our portable warmer, you can easily defrost breast milk bags, or warm breast milk and formula without needing any appliances. Whether you’re traveling, enjoying time with friends and family, or tackling the many items on your to-do list, our portable breast milk and formula warmer makes it easy to heat your baby’s food on-the-go.  


Around The House

If you’re working from home, taking care of things around the house, or enjoying playtime with your little one, you don’t want to be running back and forth from the kitchen, waiting for your baby’s food to reach the perfect temperature. With our battery powered warmer, you can quickly heat your little one’s food from any room in your home:

  • Place it on the kitchen table to warm your baby’s food while you fold laundry, finish some work, or prepare dinner for your family
  • Bring it to the playroom to heat breast milk bags or formula while you spend quality time with your little one
  • Set it on your nightstand to make middle of the night feedings quick and easy  


Anywhere Life Takes You

Save time when it matters most! Whether you’re taking a vacation with your family, enjoying quality time with friends, or soaking up the gorgeous summer weather, outdoors, you shouldn’t have to stress over how to warm your baby’s food. Our premiere warmer is the only portable warmer that can warm breast milk bags and any type of formula. It’s also designed to warm liquid up to 3x faster than any other portable bottle warmer. That means you can quickly and easily warm your baby’s food, no matter where life takes you!


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