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If you have a question about your device, please review the FAQ below. You can also email us at We usually respond to emails within 1 business day.

The Keddle uses food grade stainless steel and BPA free food contact materials.

Do not charge the Keddle with a damaged power cord or adaptor. Do not leave the Keddle in extreme hot or cold environments. Do not replace the battery. Dispose the Keddle according to local environmental battery laws and guidelines. The Keddle is designed for consumable liquids only. Liquids over 104°F may be dangerous for a baby. Interior surfaces may be hot. Keep out of reach of children. Only use provided power adaptor and cord. Unplug power adaptor when not in use. Do not warm without adding at least 2oz of liquid.

Shipping is free on all BisbeeBaby products. Orders placed before noon EST will get shipped the same day except on weekends and holidays. Orders placed on weekends or holidays will get shipped the next business day. Most orders will be shipped using USPS priority mail. A tracking # will be emailed to you once the shipping label has been created. We do not currently ship outside the U.S.

You have 90 days from the original purchase date to return your purchased item(s) for a full refund minus a 15% return shipping and handling fee. Items must be returned in a like-new condition in the original shipping box. Items that are used, damaged, dented or scratched may be denied a return. Please return items with all accessories and packaging. This return policy only applies to products sold through Refunds can only be sent to the original payment method. If you no longer have access to that payment method, you will need to contact the bank or agency of the original payment method to claim the funds after the refund is sent. Please email the order # to to start the returns process.

If we are unable to solve any product defects over the phone, on our website chat or through email, we will fix or replace products that are not functioning properly for up to 12 months after the original purchase date. The warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship for products sold through The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, accidents or abuse. Please email your order # and a description of the problem to

Only warm while charging if your battery is completly dead, otherwise, unplug your Keddle before warming. Once you battery is completly charged, be sure to unplug your Keddle before starting a warming cycle.

Never warm or charge your Keddle with a portable battery pack. Doing so may damange your Keddle.

Never spray the screen or USB port and if possible, keep these area's as dry as possible. We also recommend not to spray the 'silicone band' where the LED's blink.

We recommending cleaning your Keddle with vinegar and water once per week. Add 1oz of vinegar and 1oz of water to your Keddle and let sit for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, wash the Keddle with soap and water.

Hand wash ONLY with soap and water. Never submerge your Keddle in water. Never put your Keddle in the dishwasher. Do not clean your Keddle while running a warming cycle. Disconnect the charger prior to cleaning. Always dry the USB port prior to charging your Keddle. It is recommended that you wash your Keddle daily when warming water only or after each warming cycle for any other liquids. It is recommended that you hand dry, or air dry the interior of your Keddle before attaching the Keddle lid. If you need to clean your Keddle on-the-go and you do not have access to soap and water, we recommend that you use an approved cleaning wipe such as the Medela quick clean wipes. We also recommend that you clean your Keddle lid whenever possible. Medela is a trademark of its respective owners.

To set the time, hold the button in the LAST WARMED screen for 3 seconds. From there, follow the instructions on the bottom of the screen.

Your Keddle can warm water, breast milk, breast milk bags, formula, and most other liquids. Always add at least 2 oz of liquid to your Keddle before you start warming. If you add less than 2 oz, the Keddle may not detect the correct liquid temperature. It is recommended that you never warm baby’s food above 104°F. Hot drinks can be warmed to 125°F and 145°F. Never warm solid foods or drinks with honey mixed in.

Note that warming silicone breast milk bags can be difficult because they do not transfer heat very well and they can be difficult to insert into the Keddle.

Warm between 2oz and 10oz of liquid. The more liquid you warm, the more battery power will be used.

Click the button once to view the last time you warmed baby's food. Click twice to set warming temperature.

Each baby is different. We have given you the flexibility to find the temperature that works best for your little one. It is recommended that you avoid warming breast milk and formula higher than 104°F.

You can charge your Keddle at any time including during a warming cycle, however, if your battery is low, the Keddle may stop warming. Charge your Keddle for at least 20 minutes to warm 1 bottle. It can take 4 hours to fully charge your Keddle using a standard 120V power outlet.

Never warm or charge your Keddle with a portable battery pack. Doing so may damange your Keddle.

The Keddle was designed to warm up to 32 oz of water from 78°F to 98°F on a single charge which is the equivalent of eight 4 oz bottles or four 8 oz bottles (the Keddle can warm 25oz of water from refrigerated temperature to 98° on a full charge).

As with most batteries, you should expect to see the battery begin to lose battery capacity over time which means that you eventually will not be able to warm as much liquid or food on a single charge. This is especially true if you have more than one baby that you warm bottles for (e.g. a twin or a second baby). We can replace the battery for $30 (which includes shipping from and to your house).

Warming breast milk bags takes more energy which means you'll need to charge more often compared to warming liquids directly.

You can charge your Keddle using a standard power outlet (120V) or an automobile USB outlet (12V). Do not use 3rd party power adaptors or power cords to charge your Keddle. Charging your Keddle using a USB outlet will take longer. Unplug your Keddle if it will not be used for an extended amount of time.

Warming breast milk quickly does not damage the nutrients and vitamins in breast milk. The Keddle has 6 temperature sensors and uses MilkCycle™ technology to ensure that your liquid is most evenly and accurately warmed at any temperature you set.

Warming breast milk bags is the preferred method, but it does take 8 to 10 minutes to warm a refrigerated breast milk bag and 15 to 20 minutes to warm a frozen breast milk.

If you receive a SENSOR ERROR message when warming a refrigerated or frozen breast milk bag, please let the bag sit in the water in the Keddle for 30 seconds PRIOR to starting a warming cycle. This calibrates the temperature sensors with the water and breast milk inside the breast milk bag.

If your breast milk bag isn't warming correctly, it's likely because the water surrounding the breast milk bag isn't circulating well. This can 'trick' the temperature sensors. We recommend moving the bag (bobbing or twisting) near the end of the warming cycle to allow any trapped water to circulate. This will also allow the temperature sensor to update to the correct temperature.

The Keddle can warm frozen breast milk in a breast milk bag. Do not warm breast milk without a breast milk bag unless the breast milk is completely thawed. To fit the breast milk bag into the Keddle, you will need to soften the breast milk in your hands. Always add 4oz of water to the Keddle before inserting the breast milk bag.

Warming breast milk in a breast milk bag takes longer, but it is significantly easier to clean the Keddle.

As a reminder, silicone breast milk bags don't heat well. Plastic breast milk bags are the preferred option at this time. We are working hard to find a solution for silicone bags.

If possible (but not required), we recommend that your warm water first in the Keddle before mixing the formula with the water in a baby bottle. This will make is significantly easier to clean your Keddle.

The Keddle is safe to bring on an airplane as carry-on luggage only. Like most electronic devices, do not store the Keddle with you checked luggage (luggage that goes in the 'belly' of the airplane).

Visit local e-waste recycle events to dispose of any electronics. If recycling is not an option, it is recommended that you follow local guidelines on electronic disposal. BisbeeBaby does not currently have a recycling program.

Check the following: 1) your Keddle has been placed on a level surface 2) you have added at least 2 oz of liquid 3) you have enough battery power to start the warming cycle. You may need to charge your Keddle for 20 minutes before it can be used again.

Warming in cold environments, warming thicker liquids, and warming frozen breast milk will take longer. To test if your Keddle is warming correctly, charge your Keddle full and unplug the power cord. Warm 8 oz of water from 78°F to 98°F in a room temperature environment. It should take less than 5 minutes to warm 8oz of water from 78°F to 98°F. Note that warming time will vary depending on warming set temperature, ambient temperature, and liquid quantity.

We recommend that you always use the provided charging accessories. If you choose to use other charging accessories, we recommend using a 5V2A adaptor or the Keddle will charge slowly.

Never warm or charge your Keddle with a portable battery pack. Doing so may damange your Keddle.

Ensure that you are using the power adaptor and USB-C power cord provided with your Keddle. Also ensure that the charging port, charging adaptor and the power cord are completely dry. Try charging your Keddle from different 120V power outlets that are known to work. After the Keddle has been charging for a few minutes, you should see a message on the screen that says “CHARGING”. As a reminder, charging with a 12V power source will take longer.

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