Baby Travel Essentials

Traveling is always a fun way to expand your horizons and discover something new. But, traveling with a little one (especially a baby) can add stress to this otherwise fun activity. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to stop your travels just because you’ll have a baby joining you! There are some fantastic products that make traveling with a baby simple and more carefree!

Baby Travel Essentials 

1. The Keddle

Feeding a little one on the go can be the most daunting part of travel - especially with a breastfed or formula-fed baby. Luckily, our portable bottle warmer, the Keddle, can save your sanity while spending the day at an amusement park, at the beach, or on a day full of travel. 

Our portable bottle warmer is fuss-free - a single charge can warm 32 oz of water from 78°F to 98°F, which is the equivalent of eight 4 oz bottles or four 8 oz bottles. As long as your charge up the night before, you’re all set for a day of adventuring. A massive bonus of the Keddle is that you can even warm breastmilk bags, making your busy travel day even easier! 

TIP: Bring along frozen breastmilk bags on your adventures! This gives you plenty of time to stay out while keeping your baby happily fed. As a bonus, heating breast milk in a breast milk bag on the go means that you don't need to clean the Keddle after warming. So, travel with less and take the prep work out of leaving the house with the Keddle - your baby's precious breast milk will be safely heated in no time.

2. A Portable Stroller 

We’re all about having a heavy-duty and durable stroller for home life. But, these big strollers aren’t the most convenient to travel with. We recommend investing in a lightweight stroller specifically for travel.

This stroller doesn’t have to be pricey. A simple umbrella stroller like this one is easy to fold up and throw in the car or gate-check at the airport. There are also strollers that can  fit in overhead travel bins on most planes (please note that the final decision still rests with the airline). This Babyzen stroller is the most popular option for that! 

3. SlumberPod 

Getting your baby to sleep in a new environment is always a challenge. The SlumberPod is a great tool to use on a portable crib. It’s small enough to throw in your luggage. At your destination, simply put it together and place it over your baby’s crib to block out all external light. 

TIP: put a sound machine inside the pod or close by to make your baby’s sleep even better. A sound machine also allows the rest of the family to move about the hotel room without worrying about waking the baby. 

4. A Baby Carrier 

Strollers aren’t always an option when it comes to travel. Even if you can bring a stroller, sometimes the baby just wants to be held! A high-quality baby carrier is a great investment for any family and can be used beyond travel. 

We recommend purchasing an ergonomic carrier that is comfortable for both baby and parent. This allows a parent to carry the baby around on a hike, while sightseeing or through an airport with ease.

5. Wearable Breast Pump 

A bonus recommendation for any breastfeeding mom - invest in a hands-free wearable breast pump. Not only does this save room in your luggage (plug-in pumps are bulky and heavy) but it allows you to adventure without worrying about pumping. This is also a great tool to use if you’re traveling without your child and want to maintain your milk supply and store breast milk for future use. 

How do you feel about traveling with your baby? We hope these tips help you make the most of your family’s adventures.