Choosing the Right Bottle Warmer

Breast milk bag portable bottle warmer

Choosing the Right Bottle Warmer

First and foremost, warming bottles is not a requirement. Some babies prefer it while others may require it to help with digestion. Warming breast milk can also help with mixing the milk back to its original consistency after it has been refrigerated or frozen. If bottle warming is for you, we’ve compiled a list of some important factors that you may want to consider when choosing a bottle warmer. There is no right answer. Many of these items below are personal preferences.  

Portable Breast Milk Warmer

If you are freezing or refrigerating your breast milk bags, you will want to find a bottle warmer that can warm breast milk bags. This is especially important for frozen breast milk since babies may not need warm milk, but they can’t drink frozen milk. The BisbeeBaby Keddle is the only portable bottle warmer that can warm breast milk bags on-the-go.

Portable Bottle Warmer Speed: There isn’t much worse than a baby having to wait for a warm bottle. Babies aren’t patient and time is of the essence. You should not have to wait more than a few minutes to get a warm bottle. For this factor, the BisbeeBaby Keddle is the clear winner. The Keddle warms 2x faster than any other bottle warmer available.

Cleaning: Cleaning a bottle warmer can feel like mission impossible. The problem with most bottle warmers is that the heater element is hard to get to and clean. We highly recommend choosing a bottle warmer that was designed for easy cleaning.

Notifications: Not all bottle warmers notify you when the heating cycle is complete. This may sound silly, but parents are constantly on the move (e.g. changing diapers, calming a crying baby, etc.). It’s nice to be notified when the bottle is ready.

Leaking: There is nothing more irritating than a bottle warmer that leaks. Most bottle warmers use steam to warm a bottle while others use a water bath. Either way, liquid is involved, and leaking can happen. If product reviews are available, be on the lookout. Not only does a leaking device make a mess, but it can also waste precious liquid gold (when warming breast milk).

Portability: Parents need the flexibility to warm bottles on-the-go. Bottle warmers come in all shapes and sizes, but most are not portable. Keep in mind, true ‘portability’ means battery powered. Some bottle warmers will claim to be portable, but they still require a cord and outlet to operated. Upgrade to battery power if possible.   

Temperature: Most portable bottle warmers require parents to test the liquid temperature to make sure it’s not too cold or not too hot which is inconvenient and annoying. It’s recommended that you find a bottle warmer with temperature sensors that monitor the liquid temperature directly. Note that the BisbeeBaby Keddle is the only bottle warmer with multiple temperature sensors which ensures even and accurate warming. Having multiple temperature sensors also allows the Keddle to warm any formula including thick formulas that don’t warm well in any other bottle warmer.

Compatibility: You shouldn’t have to buy extra accessories just to use your bottle warmer. It usually takes a few different bottles before you find the one that works for you and your baby. Your bottle warmer should work for you no matter what type of bottle you use or may change to.