How Fast Should a Portable Bottle Warmer Be?

There’s a lot of information out there when it comes to baby safety. As parents, we of course want to make sure that our babies are in the safest environment and are eating and drinking the safest options. A common misconception is that quickly heating a bottle can be dangerous. Today, we’re going to explain how you can safely heat a bottle and what to look for in a portable bottle warmer

Why Quick Heating Isn’t Dangerous When Done Right

When a baby is hungry, they are hungry, and waiting even 5 minutes to feed them can feel like an eternity to both you and your baby! You need a warm bottle fast, but you also need it to be safe. Warming quickly is not dangerous. What is dangerous is overheating which burns a baby and kill nutrients in breast milk. You need a portable bottle warmer that can make it warm safely, and fast. 

MilkCycle Technology

Our portable bottle warmer, the BisbeeBaby Keddle, uses MilkCycle technology. This allows us to warm quickly without overheating. Our proprietary formula knows exactly how to apply heat to liquid without creating a dangerous situation. 

What makes the Keddle the safest bottle warmer on the market is our 5 temperature sensors. These sensors ensure an even heat from top to bottom. Traditional bottle warmers don’t typically measure temperature at all. Some new ones on the market have 1 temperature sensor at the bottom. This means they must warm slower to ensure an even heat. The other issue with this is that the bottle warmer is only taking heat measurements from one area - leaving other areas to be too hot or too cold.

Fast Heating is OK

We’re here to say the fast heating is ok if the portable bottle warmer has multiple sensors. This is where the Keddle stands above the rest. We still recommend always gentle shaking and testing the temperature yourself before giving it to your baby to drink. 

Try out our Keddle to heat quickly and safely and get your baby fed sooner.