How To Use The Keddle By BisbeeBaby To Warm Breast Milk & Formula


portable breast milk warmer


When I became a dad, I realized that parenthood was going to be the most rewarding and most challenging experience I would ever have. As a parent, trying to juggle a busy lifestyle and 2 little ones, I quickly saw the need for smart products that could help make everyday parenting tasks, quick, easy, and convenient, especially for parents on-the-go.


I started BisbeeBaby with a mission to make feeding a baby easier, more enjoyable, and more automated by providing parents with smart baby products that solve problems. This led me to develop the Keddle by BisbeeBaby, a premiere, portable warmer that can be used to warm breast milk bags, any type of formula, and a variety of other hot drinks, around-the-house, on-the-go, or wherever life takes you!  


How To Warm Formula With The Keddle By BisbeeBaby


With our premiere, portable bottle warmer, you can quickly and evenly warm any type of baby formula. 


Step 1: Pour 2oz or more of liquid into the Keddle. Hold the “+” button for 2 seconds to activate the Keddle.


Step 2: Adjust the warming temperature with the “+” and “-“ buttons.


Step 3: Hold the “HOLD TO WARM” button to start warming. Place the Keddle on a level surface and keep the lid removed. Pour out the liquid once warming is complete. 


How To Warm Breast Milk Bags With The Keddle By BisbeeBaby


Our smart warmer is the ONLY portable bottle warmer designed to warm breast milk bags.


Step 1: Add 4oz of water into the Keddle and insert your breast milk bag. Never warm without adding water first. Never warm more than 6oz of breast milk in a breast milk bag. 


Step 2: Set the temperature to 103 degrees. 


Step 3: Once warming is complete, let the bag sit in the steer for an additional 2 minutes to allow the breast milk to finish warming (3 additional minutes for frozen breast milk). 


With The Keddle by BisbeeBaby, you’ll never have to worry about how to warm your baby’s food, again! Visit our website to order your Keddle today!