Make Feeding Time More Convenient

Make Feeding Time More Convenient



When you’re on-the-go, busy around the house, in the middle of an important work assignment, or juggling a million things at once, preparing your baby’s food shouldn’t be a challenge. At BisbeeBaby, we understand the demands that parents face every day and we’ve made it our mission to design smart products that make parenting a little easier. That’s why we’ve designed the Keddle by BisbeeBay to make feeding time quick, easy, and more convenient for parents, like you! 



Our premier warmer is designed to give you the portability and flexibility you need to warm your baby’s food, anywhere. With its battery powered design, our warmer is a great option for parents who are regularly on-the-go, balancing a busy schedule, or want to be able to easily warm their baby’s food from any room in their home. With our Keddle, you can warm up to 32 ounces, or eight 4 ounce bottles, on a single charge. 


Quick & Accurate

When you’re little one’s hungry, you don’t want to wait around for their food to get warm. With our premier Keddle, you can quickly warm your baby’s food, in as little as 2 minutes. The Keddle also uses multiple temperature sensors to ensure your little one’s food is warmed evenly, from top to bottom, and accurately every time. 



As a busy parent, you need versatility. Why settle for a bottle warmer that can only heat formula, when your growing family has a variety of needs? The Keddle by BisbeeBaby is built for the baby and designed to grow with your family. Our premier Keddle is the only portable warmer designed to warm breast milk bags and any type of formula. That means, as your baby’s needs change and as your family grows, you can use the same warmer to prepare a variety of warm liquids. The Keddle can also be used to warm other hot drinks, such as hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. With the Keddle, you get the versatility your growing family needs!   


When it comes to parenting, convenience is key, and at BisbeeBaby, we’re working hard to provide parents with smart products that make parenting a little easier! Visit our website to learn more about our premier breast milk and formula warmer today!