Take the Guesswork Out of Feeding Your Baby

Whether you're a first-time or seasoned parent, feeding can be one of the most confusing parts of parenthood. How much formula or breastmilk does your baby need? Should you exclusively breastfeed or supplement?  What temperature is best to give your baby formula, breastmilk, or milk?  

As parents we know there’s already enough anxiety and confusion around just raising your child, and something as important as feeding shouldn’t be adding to your questions. That’s why we created the Keddle, a portable bottle warmer, which takes the guesswork and pressure out of handling, heating up, and feeding your baby on the go. 

Be On-The-Go With Baby Without the Worry of Feeding with a Portable Bottle Warmer

Sometimes it can be a shock for parents about how on the go they really need to be. Especially on the second, third, and beyond baby, life keeps moving at a busy pace! Not only does life still need to move beyond the home, but life also needs to move around the home as well. Most bottle warmers are “kitchen-only” units. Babies eat all over the home - from the nursery to the living room to the backyard. 

The small, tote-able design of our portable bottle warmer can be a part of any parent's mobile command center, anywhere they need it. 

Benefits of Frozen Breast Milk 

There is a huge advantage to warming frozen breastmilk bags on the go (did you know the Keddle is the ONLY portable bottle warmer that can safely warm breast milk bags?) Warming frozen milk bags on the go has a ton of benefits. It’s easier because you don’t have to worry as much about keeping the breast milk in a “cooler” with an ice bag. Taking frozen breastmilk bags straight from the freezer to the diaper bag not only lightens a parent’s load but extends the window in which they can safely feed their baby breastmilk.  

What Temperature Should Baby’s Milk Be?

This is the age-old question - and to be honest there are a few things to factor in. First is baby’s preference - some little ones much prefer warm liquids while others prefer room temperature. The second factor is safety - both for the baby and the quality of the milk. Warming too hot can not only possibly harm the baby, but can deplete nutrients in both breastmilk and formula. 

Unfortunately, it’s not obvious what temperate parents should warm to. With the Keddle, we’ve made it easy by only providing the most common temperature options: 80°F for defrosting breast milk, 98°F for the most common feeding temperature, and 103°F for the highest, while still safe, heat for baby’s that prefer a bit warmer liquid. 

Another thing to look out for when using a portable bottle warmer is the number of sensors in the warmer. Most only have one temperature sensor at the bottom of the heater, making it often inaccurate and increasing the risk of under heating or overheating liquid. The Keddle has multiple sensors to ensure the milk is safely heated throughout. 

Try our portable bottle warmer, The Keddle, today and take the guesswork out of safely feeding your baby on the go!