Why Portable Warmers Are Beneficial to New Parents

Why Portable Warmers Are Beneficial to New Parents


Being a new parent comes with plenty of new experiences, some of which can definitely be challenging. You’re adjusting to caring for a small human, who is completely reliant on you. You’re also adjusting to running on fewer hours of sleep, deciphering what your baby’s cries mean (hunger, dirty diaper, etc.) and having little to no alone time. 


For many of us, parenthood is a huge transition that requires changing elements of our daily routine in order to accommodate and care for a new baby. However, for many of us, there are still plenty of other responsibilities we also have to manage, like work commitments, family responsibilities, etc. In our on-the-go world, we, as new parents, need solutions that make it easier to transition into parenthood. 

On-the-Go Options for Parents

That’s why, at BisbeeBaby, we’ve developed a portable, battery powered warmer that makes it easy to heat your baby’s food, anywhere. Not only that, but our warmer is the ONLY portable warmer capable of heating breast milk bags. That means, whether your breast feeding or formula feeding, The Keddle by BisbeeBaby is a great option.


Our warmer is designed to make the transition into parenthood, just a bit easier.

Portable Bottle Warmer Features:

→With multiple temperature sensors, you can easily find the perfect temp for your baby’s food.

→Our MilkCycle™ technology ensures that liquids, including breast milk, formula and water, are never overheated.

→Our MilkCycle™ technology automatically calculates how much liquid has been added and uses the liquid type (e.g. water vs formula) to determine the warming profile that is fastest and safest.

→Need to defrost frozen breast milk bags? Our warmer makes it easy to defrost breast milk bags on-the-go, while traveling, or anytime you need.


⭐️No more stumbling to the kitchen in the middle of the night to heat your baby’s food.

⭐️No more stressing about access to a kettle, stove, or microwave while traveling.

⭐️No more worrying about how you’ll heat your baby’s food when you’re on-the-go, busy with work, or enjoying time with friends and family.


Our warmer provides convenience and helps to reduce stress, so you can enjoy the moments that matter most! Visit our website to learn more about The Keddle by BisbeeBaby, today!