How To Warm Breast Milk Bags On The Go

If you're an on-the-go parent trying to feed a breastfed baby, you already know the challenges and prep work that have to go into any outing. You need to take breastmilk out of the freezer the night before, travel with ice packs, pour your breast milk bag into a bottle, and then use a portable warmer to heat up the breastmilk. 

But, there's a way to cut out all of the in-between steps and go straight from frozen breastmilk in a bag to a ready-to-drink bottle for your baby. Our BisbeeBaby Keddle is currently the only battery-powered warmer that can warm breast milk bags on the go. Why? We'll explain more.

Safely Warming Breast Milk On-The-Go

It's not safe to warm breast milk bags in most portable bottle warmers. This is because most warmers do not have the capabilities or temperature sensors to ensure that the breast milk bag is appropriately warmed. The lack of sensors can result in hot spots, curdling, and overheating - causing the breast milk to lose essential vitamins and nutrients. Plus, breast milk bags can explode when overheated, creating a huge mess - not something any parent wants to deal with when out and about! 

On the BisbeeBaby Keddle, we have a specific breast milk bag warming setting that warms the breast milk in the bag to 98° with very good accuracy. The Keddle's software is the only portable bottle warmer that can do this! Plus, it has 6 temperature sensors to ensure that the breast milk bag is evenly and accurately warmed. 

Travel With Less

When you have a Keddle, you have more flexibility to stay out longer without having to pack extra coolers or ice packs. You can simply pack your frozen breast milk bags in the diaper bag, and thaw and heat with the Keddle when your baby is ready to eat. The Keddle can warm 2 to 3 refrigerated breast milk bags or 1 to 2 frozen breast milk bags before needing a recharge - this gives you plenty of time to stay out while keeping your baby happily fed. As a bonus, heating breast milk in a breast milk bag on the go means that you don't need to clean the Keddle after warming. 

So, travel with less and take the prep work out of leaving the house with the Keddle - your baby's precious breast milk will be safely heated in no time.